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This is The Pits page for Papyrus' NASCAR Legends. This title was released in November 1999 and features cars, tracks and drivers of the 1970 NASCAR Grand National division. New paintschemes and cars can be found at IWCCCARS. JAVASCRIPT MUST BE ENABLED TO VIEW IMAGES ON THIS PAGE.



21 JAN 2002 Soundpack 10 for NASCAR Legends - Richard Nagel
Richard has created a superb car-thundering soundpack for NASCAR Legends...must be heard to be believed! Also backs up your old files. [1.2 M]

10 DEC 2000 Body Mods for Gilles' NL car - Jerry Hinders
The patch gives paintable windshield pillars, correctly colored rear window braces on the Mopars, colored rims for the colored wheels, mag wheels instead of the yellow rims, and a driver that is visible in software mode. Only for the deep-dish wheel car. [128 K]

22 APR 2000 NASCAR Legends 1204 patch- Papyrus
This is the 'final' version of the Papyrus patches for NASCAR Legends, has many multiplayer and playing fixes, see full readme for all details. [1.5 M]

9 JAN 2000 Clear Cockpit for N3/NL- J Carter
This utility will make the background for the standings (F1-F9) and speed/gear boxes transparent in both N3 and Legends. [12 K]

9 JAN 2000 DEMONS server software for N3/NL v1.13- John Simmons
This software will allow you to run a dedicated multiplayer server for N3/NL. DEMONS Homepage. [520 K]

9 JAN 2000 WheelEdit for N3/NL- Gilles Benoit
This utility will allow you to edit the wheels for N3 and NL. Gilles' TUTORIAL for WheelEdit [1.4 M]

1 JAN 2000 CarEdit for N3/NL- Gilles Benoit
This great utility will allow you to adjust the tires, driver, angle and height of the car in N3 and NL. Gilles' TUTORIAL for CarEdit[1.5 M]

29 DEC 99 PointsCalc- Robert Rathbone
This is another program that will read in .stn files from NASCAR Racing (2 and 3) and NASCAR Legends, and create stats and html pages with results..great for league administrators who don't want alot of hassle putting up results. [3.6 M]

29 DEC 99 Cockpit Track Condition Lights- Josh Hagopian
This utility will actually put the track condition lights into your cockpit, for easy viewing. Great for online racing. For NL only. [37 K]

4 DEC 99 Backup Program - Jan Kohl
This backup program is designed to work with all versions of Papyrus NASCAR sims. It will backup paintschemes, config files, setups, address books, calendars, and almost everything else you may want! [44 K]

24 NOV 99 New decal set for Legends- Bill Anderson
Bill has done a superb job creating a new decal set for the Legends paintkit! Just unzip into your \layout directory, and run the install.bat. It will create a backup of your layout.dat if you do not like it. [72 K]

24 NOV 99 Sound Update for Legends- Jan Kohl
Does that engine sound like a whiny little whimp small-block? Rev it up with these new rumbling big-block sounds, and some better hair-raising crash sounds. Both 8 & 16 bit sound. [1.5 M]

1 JAN 2000 New Bodies- Gilles Benoit
Our own Gilles has redone the body shapes to represent the real cars a bit better...take a look at a pics if you want to see how it looks. Now includes the deep-dish rims! [568 K]

  • Stan Allen's Rim Painting Utility - allows the new deep dish rims to have different colors [13 K]
  • Gilles' modified car body w/out deep-dish wheels

    12 NOV 99 Rollcage/Engine Update- Greg Fedoruk
    Greg is back with more good stuff, this neat utility will change the NL cars to add spark plugs, rollcage color, front rotors and rear wheel tubs...nice! [101 K]


    25 JAN 02 N@50 Nashville 1970 daytime Legends- Tony Krist
    Tony modified the N@50 Nashville for daytime racing. Nice track! [1.2 M]

    21 Oct 2000 Trenton, NJ track (NL)- Tim McArthur
    Tim has done a superb rendition of Trenton International. Trenton was a track that the Grand National drivers ran for several years, but has long since disappeared. You can now take a spin around this 1.5 mile oval...that has a very strange feature. It's got a reverse corner! [1.2 M]

    1 DEC 99 Palatte Converter for N3/NL- Nigel Pattinson
    Nigel created this SUPERB palatte changer, should work to swap ANY track between NASCAR Legends and NASCAR 3. [225 K]

    24 NOV 99 NL Pitwall Remover for Talladega- Dave Turman
    This utility will remove the pitwall from Alabama Motor Speedway for NASCAR Legends. [557 K]

    24 NOV 99 NL Pitwall Remover for Charlotte- Dave Turman
    This utility will remove the pitwall from Charlotte Motor Speedway for NASCAR Legends. [1.1 M]

    15 NOV 99 N@50 Myrtle Beach '63 Conversion for Legends- Dave Turman
    This conversion will allow you to run the N@50 Myrtle Beach 1963 with NASCAR Legends...and yes it's dirt! NOTE: You must have NASCAR99, and have the N@50 Track Installer #2 or else the Myrtle Beach '63 track for N99 already installed to use this utility. Sorry, but for copyright purposes, we can't post the complete track. [1.1 M]

    15 NOV 99 N@50 Nashville 1970 Conversion for Legends- Dave Turman
    This conversion will allow you to run the N@50 Nashville 1970 with NASCAR Legends...great high banked short track! NOTE: You must have NASCAR99, and have the N@50 Track Installer #2 or else the Nashville 1970 track for N99 already installed to use this utility. Sorry, but for copyright purposes, we can't post the complete track. [1 M]

    24 NOV 99 Other Track Converters for Legends- Dave Turman
    Here are some other track conversions for NASCAR Legends. These also have some graphics updates to have them appear more from the timeframe. You must have NASCAR3 or NASCAR99 (whichever is specified) to be able to use these converters.

  • N99 Flemington Speedway > NL - [1.1 M]
  • N99 Hickory Speedway > NL - [1.2 M]
  • N3 Indianapolis Motor Speedway > NL - [2.1 M]
  • N3 Indianapolis Raceway Park > NL - [1 M]
  • N3 South Boston > NL - [1.1 M]
  • N3 Dover > NL - [675 K]
  • N99 Evergreen > NL - [1.1 M]
  • N3 Sears Point > NL - [1.6 M]

    These are realism notes and patches for NASCAR Legends. We aim to support this sim for many realism updates and info, so that people can race the tracks and places like they were 30 years ago.

  • Radio - to run NASCAR Legends realistic, turn off the spotter completely. There were no spotters in those days, just pit boards. We wish Papyrus would have incorperated GPL's pitboards for this sim...but no. So, turn off the radio. However, we would note, for online racing, please turn ON the radio...unless everyone has agreed to not to. Why? Because you cannot side-to-side look in Legends either (another GPL thing that would have been nice) so you have NO idea how far a car is up on your door...and no amount of mirror adjustment will get rid of the blind spot.
  • Blind Dates? - So you can't figure out what the exact schedule for 1970 really was? Want a realistic calendar for your 1970 season, with the exact tracks that were in the field? Smitty Drum put together this great calendar with all the races, on the correct dates. As well, included in this file is a listing of how to create all the tracks that are NOT included in the NASCAR Legends sim. You can also visit Smitty's site for the logos for these tracks, and more real cars from that era.
  • Track Fixes - There are several tracks with problems in NASCAR Legends, one of them is Rockingham, where the pacecar goes too fast around the track, then slows for pit road, leaving the race cars on the track going to fast as well. On multiplayer races, the lead cars usually pass the pace car before the start/finish line, causing black flags. You can fix it one of two and extract this lp file into the \tracks\rocking directory, or else edit the rocking.txt file in the \tracks\rocking directory to say this at the PACEA line:
    PACEA 2 31800000 52000 -52000 0 55

    The second track we'll deal with is the Riverside track. There has been numerous arguments over whether or not the drivers took such extensive off-road excursions at Riverside as happens in the sim. To our mind, they are too frequent as well, so we've designed some new AI that will stick much closer too the track surface. Unzip this to your \tracks\riversid\ directory. Be sure to back up your old files in case you would like to go back to original.

  • No Chevy? - In NASCAR in 1970, Chevy played a very small role...there were only 2 cars that were Chevrolet that qualifed for the Daytona 500, and they didn't win a race all year. However, we will probably be adding more Chevrolets to our IWCCCARS page that can be added to the sim, and if you can't wait for that, Eddie Swaim has submitted a Chevrolet Chevelle and Monte Carlo template to try, as well as Shawn Goforth, who submitted this one for the Monte Carlo.
  • Birds of a Feather - There has been a bit of confusion and skepticism on the part of what Papy actually included in NASCAR Legends...yes, the Dodge Daytona is in there, but the Plymouth Superbird actually isn't! The reason why is because the people who painted the cars were not actually aware of the differences between the two. If you click on the photo above, you can see why in full detail. The original cars that the Dodge Daytona and Plymouth Superbird were created from were the Dodge Charger and Plymouth Roadrunner...and the details that are different between the two are more apparent from these street going versions of the Superbird and Daytona. The Roadrunner/Superbird and Charger/Daytona were both called 'B-body' cars, that is, they used the same frame and major body components, but the rest of the cars were different. The Charger/Daytona is more rounded, and has two scallop-shaped indentions in the door, while the rear lights were completely different. Some Charger/Daytonas sported two round taillights as opposed to the rectangular ones shown here. The Roadrunner/Superbird was slightly squared-off, and had one 'scallop' right in front of the rear tirewell, pointing forwards. Both carried similar engine packages. Well, to fix that problem, Jim Kerekes of IWCCCARS has created a realistic Plymouth template for everyone to enjoy, and Kevin DeBello submitted one as well. After all, the 3do is not going to make a very different change between the two, it's the paintwork that makes the difference. Thanks to for the pics and other info.
  • Twisted Guages - Ever notice that the letters on the guages in the cockpit are upside down if the guages were rotated around to be vertical? Oops, guess someone goofed on that one! Anyhow, Bill Anderson has provided the fix for that with some patches that will correct the guages. Here's one for the Ford, one for the Merc, one for the Dodge, and one for the Plymouth.
  • Pit Crew on Drugs? - Several have wondered why the pitstops are as much as 10 seconds slower than N3...the reason is, back in 1970, they were! The modern super-speed air guns and purpose-built racing jacks were not around yet at this point in time, and some teams didn't even have all the team members that made up a full crew. .

    Bobby Isaac's 1969 Dodge Daytona Charger * - warhorse of the Chrysler brigade, along with the Plymouth Superbird. In September of 1969, Charlie Glotzbach qualified a Daytona at 199.466 mph at unprecedented speed for the cars of that time. Bobby's car qualified at 196.386, but neither driver entered the race because of a driver ban. The ban was because the tires of the time could not stand up to the tremendous speeds, and were shredded after only a few laps. Richard Brickhouse did win the race in Glotzback's car, many of the big name drivers left the track. The 3,800 lb car was powered by a 426 Hemi engine, capable of 600-650 horspower. In 1970 Bobby Isaac had a record year...winning 17 races, and taking 20 pole positions, that was after running in 47 of the 48 races that year! He also took the championship, and set a world speed record in the Dodge Daytona of 201.104 mph around Talladega, to beat Buddy Baker's 200.447 lap in another Daytona earlier that year.
    Richard Petty's 1970 Plymouth Superbird - the later released winged warrior from Chrysler. This car was based on the Plymouth Roadrunner, and when Petty went back to Dodge/Plymouth for the 1970 season (it has been said that Chrysler built the winged cars to get Richard back) the bright blue #43 took 5 wins out of 17 events entered. Plymouth had 21 victories that year overall, and with Dodge's 17 victories, the Chrysler brigade won 79% of all the races that year! Only Ford and Mercury took the other 10, Chevrolet didn't even have a chance. Note that not all the races were won by the winged cars, the shorter tracks were run with the Plymouth Roadrunner and Dodge Charger 500. Still, that is an impressive total in anyone's book! Not to mention, Plymouth took the manufacturer's championship in 1970 as well. The Plymouth Superbird enjoyed the biggest production of the Chrysler entries, with a total of 1920 cars produced to only 505 Charger Daytonas.
    Donnie Allison's 1969 Ford Torino Talladega * - The Talladega was one of the two big guns of the Ford camps, and immediately upon taking to the tracks they began racking up the wins. LeeRoy Yarbrough's Talladega won the 1969 Daytona 500, and the Talladegas took 26 of the 54 races that year! David Pearson himself took 11 wins out of 51 starts, and even Richard Petty swapped to Ford that year because of the superior car. The street-going versions were available from the factory in only 3 colors, Wimbledon White, Royal Maroon, and Presidential Blue, with a matte black hood, black stark interior, bench seat and 428 engine, all for a very cheap $3680! One other little-known fact about the Talladegas was that because the 429 engines were not ready to be dropped in the cars when they were ready to be 'legalized' by NASCAR, the Boss 429 Mustang was born to hold the new engine for the big NASCAR defenders! Donnie took this Talladega to a 151 mph pole speed for Darlington that year.
    David Pearson's 1971 Mercury Cyclone * - even though the aero wars died in 1970 (both Ford and Chrysler pulled almost all factory support), the aero warriors were still not done yet. Holman Moody and the Wood Brothers had invested so much in FoMoCo cars, that they couldn't just throw away all that development, so they continued running the 1971 Mercury Cyclone. David Pearson started driving for the Wood Brothers in April 1972, and immediately won the Rebel 400. He also won the Winston 500, Motor State 400, Firecracker 400, Yankee 400, and Delaware 400 that year, running on a limited schedule. Overall, the David Pearson/Wood Bros/Mercury Cyclone combination took victories in 17 of 30 races entered! They used the Boss 429 engine until NASCAR restrictions on the motor finally made it almost useless in competition. This car posted a 153 mph qualifying speed at Darlington.

    If you have any pictures or other realism notes for NASCAR Legends, please pass them on to me so that we can incorperate them with this page.